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Cancellation: text STOP to 36668

Subscription: 4RM per message (4 times per week) + 5RM or 8RM subscription fee.

Age: Min. age 18+ and bill payer′s permission

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I unsubscribe from Thrillingo? There are 2 ways to stop the service:
1: Via text/sms: You can opt-out at any time by sending 'STOP ALL' to 36668. You will be unsubscribed immediately.
2: Via telephone help line: customers can call the live help line number 03 � 2164 3273 (toll free).
2. How can I sign up for Thrillingo? When your surfing the internet you might come across one of the Thrillingo promotions, you may decide to try. If you have solved the puzzle/question, you will be asked to fill up your mobile phone number in the column displayed. After filling in your mobile phone number, you will receive a free confirmation message. The moment you confirm this confirmation message, you are officially subscribed
3. What do I pay for the service? When you are subscribed to Thrillingo you will be charged 4RM per message (4 messages a week) + 5RM or 8RM signup fee.
4. I did not know this was a subscription service? All advertisement material clearly states that this concerns a subscription service. Furthermore, after subscribing the customer receives a free of charge information message stating the costs of the service, frequency, information on how to opt-out and a website address for more information on the service.
5. I did not subscribe to this service, why am I receiving messages? We do not send any messages to a mobile phone number if the number is not subscribed to one of our services. Maybe you do not remember sending the message. Be careful when lending your mobile phone to people. The subscription is only activated when you have initiated it.
6. My under aged child subscribed to the service? We understand this is an unpleasant situation. To unsubscribe your child from our service directly, send a text message stating 'STOP ALL' to 36668. For other methods of unsubscription, see question 1.


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